Innovation, a guarantee of continuous progress and improvement for a future that we conquer every day. 

In Familia Martínez Zabala we have a vision of the future, we are always committed to progress, evolution and continuous improvement. For this we count on:

1. Study and use of different gases in winemaking processes.

2. Ambitious technological investment in our new white and rosé winemaking facility.

3. Use of new bio-tools for our work both in the field and in the winery.

4. Use of the most respectful technologies for the treatment and care of our wines.

5. Working with the latest technologies for the treatment of the grapes during the winemaking stages.

6. Technology 4.0 (el internet de las cosas, internet of things, lot) with the help of interconnectivity through the Internet, we have access to data and process control in real time.

7. Use of alternative energies to reduce our energy consumption.

Bodegas Faustino has been at the forefront of wine research from the start. It has its own R&D department which leads and participates in several projects:

  • Application of infra-red spectroscopy in determining polyphenolic composition (colour in wine).
  • Control of TCA in cork plugs.
  • Study of amino acids and derivatives in grapes and wines.
  • Light exposure in different types of wine.
  • Studies of dealcoholisation of wines.
  • Plant protection treatment reduction practices.
  • Creating new strategies for selecting grape quality and vineyards based on precision viticulture.
  • Reusing treatment plant sludge as fertilizer.
  • Researching into new materials for eco-efficient packaging.
  • Incorporating comprehensive vinification barrels.
  • Calculation of water footprint.
  • Calculation of Carbon Footprint.


AENOR Environmental Management ISO 14001 IQNet Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015

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