The vineyards that make us who we are; they give us everything and we give them our all.

Our vineyards are the true origin of the Martínez Zabala family. An origin which provides us with inspiration, excellence and know-how. An origin that inspires us and to which we owe everything, because when the land is your reason for being, taking care of it is the best way to look towards the future... The vineyard is everything.

We are a family with its feet on the ground, focused on the future and with a spirit that grows and evolves. 

Familia Martínez Zabala has 2,200 hectares of vineyards, with a quality that sets us apart. We are the biggest vineyard owners in the D.O.Ca Rioja wine region. 

The best wines come from the best land.

We are the land

We are the land we wake up to. 

The land we wish for with faith rather than hope. 

We are the vineyards we humbly look after, as ittakes good care of us. 

Come the night, we are the land sheltering the best of our prayers.

We are the land we step on. And the miles we walk. 

The grapes that challenge our story with each milestone we come across. 

And the certainty that our grit will always get us through the day.

We are the land telling us How. And Where and When. 

As to Why? It´s all around us; that´s why.

Tracing a path to a future we can grasp. 

A chance at a better world with just a glance at the horizon.

We are the land we care to share. 

The vineyards with the human touch. 

The loyalty we stand by with a noble shake of hands.

We are the land that makes us family. 

The one we come from. 

The land tomorrow holds. 

Where we belong.

We are the land, we live for. 


Familia Martínez Zabala. 

Inspired by vineyards.


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