Sustainability, our utmost respect for the land and an awareness of the environment.

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    Bodegas Campillo and Bodegas Portia have completed the Sustainable Wineries for Climate Protection (SWfCP) certification process

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In Familia Martínez Zabala we are committed to the environment, we are respectful with the land, and quality is our priority. 

Our objective is to take care of the raw material, the vineyard, the land and the production and aging process, guaranteeing the sustainability of the ecosystem.

For us, environmental protection is one of the strategic pillars and one of our commitments to the planet and society. For this reason, we are developing R&D&I work around viticulture 4.0.

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    Climate change adaptation

    - Adaptation of varieties to their best habitat according to their characteristics. 

    - Due to climate change, new plantings are being made in the higher areas, which are producing better quality grapes. Optimisation of water resources by means of drip irrigation in 100% of our vineyard surface.

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    Commitment to quality and sustainable responsibility

    - Personalised studies of the microbiota of our vineyards to promote the "positive microorganisms" that can help us to obtain better results in the quality of our vineyards

    - Adjustment of disease prediction models based on datacollected from the network of climatological stations. 

    - We conserve the boundaries and low hills located around our vineyards to protect the diversity and preserve the typicity of each location.

    - Manual leaf stripping and thinning in vineyards. We protect the vegetation cover in vineyards favoring the conservation of the soil with the typicity of each area.

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    Care of the environment

    - Eliminate/reduce the use of chemical pesticides by biological pesticides to treat vineyard diseases. 

    - Use of pheromones for the sexual confusion of pests in vineyards, in particular to combat the grape moth, which makes a lot of holes in the vineyard.


In addition, we have implemented a Code of Good Practices in the production area, which is based on environmental objectives and indicators that influence three main areas: energy, water and waste. We ensure energy savings, 100% biodegradable materials, water rationalization and recovery, as well as efficient waste management, among others.

Because the future is written in green.

If you want more information, we offer you our Environmental Manual.


AENOR Environmental Management ISO 14001 IQNet Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015

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